Cost of Repairs
By Gayle
Apr 24, 2013 - 10:42:16 PM

A painful loss caused police officer Samuel Briggs to leave New Mexico for life in Stratton, PA. Now he patrols the streets, stopping to get acquainted with the people on his beat whenever possible. One such stop is the Dixie’s Cup diner where Sam meets Rey King, the sexy, short-order cook, who changes his attitude about starting a new relationship.

Rey has little time for a personal life. Not with long hours at several part-time jobs that barely allow him to scrape by. But he can’t deny his attraction to Sam and after an afternoon of great sex, Rey suddenly finds that not only have they become friends but they’re involved. When he ends up injured and hospitalized after protecting a friend, his already unstable life spirals further out of control. Can two emotionally wounded men find a way past the fear of being hurt to build a lasting relationship?

COST OF REPAIRS is the first book in A.M. Arthur’s new series by the same name. You can’t say that this book is lighthearted and fun, but the story of Rey and Sam is well written and entertaining. It’s filled with angst, lots of emotion, good friendships and more pain and suffering than any two people deserve to experience. I mean really—how much bad luck could they have?

I didn’t expect the book to be divided into two sections, allowing both Sam and Rey to have a chance at his own POV. It’s a bit unusual but I can truthfully say it worked nicely. I found the personality development to be particularly well done but be forewarned; both men carry around some pretty heavy emotional baggage. These guys are skittish about getting involved, so despite their attraction, things between them start off slowly. They indulged in one quick afternoon of sex but as for developing a relationship—the author allows it to play out at a believable speed, which I appreciate.

The individuals found in the Dixie’s Cup diner are wonderful additions to the story. They lighten the mood, give the story a few laughs and provide Rey with support and friendship. Put them together with the other things I’ve already mentioned, vivid imagery, a smooth pace and a good premise, and you’ve got a winning story. Look for COLOR OF GRACE next.

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