Cottage By the Sea
By Dottie
Jul 10, 2012 - 7:49:20 AM

Empty-nester Erin Bryce and her best friend, Sharlene, have been looking forward to the start of their new wedding planning business, the Happiest Day. Within moments of opening their new business, they receive their first call. But before Erin can even meet with the new client, she receives a call from her stepmother Delores. Her father has had a stroke and instead of taking him to the hospital emergency room, her stepmother took him to a local clinic. Demanding that Delores take him to the hospital, Erin hops the next plane from Southern California to her father’s cottage by the sea in Oregon.

Erin has not seen her father since he married Delores eighteen months ago and moved to Oregon. Once her father begins to feel like himself once more, Erin returns home to her business. With the news of her son’s impending wedding to his beloved fiancée Sierra, Erin is so busy helping with the planning through her business that she fails to make another visit to see her father. But when the day of the wedding arrives, her father and stepmother fail to make an appearance. Upset and angry, Erin calls them, only to be told that her father has suffered another stroke and will not be returning to his old self this time.

Rushing to her father’s home with her husband, she finds her one week visit extended to an indefinite period when his wife deserts him. As her husband returns home without her and daunted by the task ahead of her, she finds the cottage by the sea becoming her second home. With her new business floundering, a friendship headed for the rocks and missing her husband, Erin must make a decision. Should she stay and take care of her father, or force him out of his home, his cottage by the sea, a place he doesn’t want to leave so she can get back to her own life? Seeking guidance through her daily walks with God, she soon finds that some things are worth the sacrifice. How will she reconcile her own life with her need to be with her father? Having been separated for so many months, can they re-establish the love between them before it is too late?

A touching read, COTTAGE BY THE SEA, the latest book by bestselling author Robin Jones Gunn, is an inspiring and emotion-packed Christian contemporary romance that will have you avidly turning the pages to see what happens next. In fact, I read this story over a period of one day, unable to put it down for long. Although her father is no longer able to speak, Erin and her father communicate in a way they never have before, building memories for a time when he will no longer be there. If Erin stays in Oregon with her father, she risks losing her business and a close friendship, but she stands to gain so much more, as God gives her treasures even in her darkest moments. Beautifully written and filled with betrayal, renewal, sacrifice, hurt, healing, forgiveness, family dynamics, God, a beautiful setting and plenty of love, especially the love between a father and daughter, this inspiring story is one you will remember long after the last page is read and the book is closed. A definite keeper, I highly recommend COTTAGE BY THE SEA and look forward to more of Ms. Gunn’s works.

Note: I received a free copy of this book from Howard Books, for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are my own.



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