Cougar Club, Book 2: Butterfly Kisses
By Dottie Jones
Sep 16, 2010 - 8:27:53 PM

Anthony Cole Roberts’ birth had not been planned.  Used to satisfying their own wants and needs, his parents hired a nanny until Tony was old enough to be shipped off to boarding school.  His summers and holidays were spent on the ranch with his grandfather.  So it was no surprise that his grandfather left him the farm at his death.  Now his parents have divorced and, after going through several younger women, his father has been snagged into marriage when his latest paramour became pregnant.  His mother has discovered the young gigolos in Europe. Tony is grown up and the senior partner at a law firm.

Susan Maryah is very close to her sister Renee.  Though Renee is only two years younger than Susan, she seems much younger in her actions.  Renee is now obsessing over a website called the Cougar Club, and she wants Susan to join also.  Susan has no social life.  She spends her time painting, and her work is popular and expensive.  However, she hates talk shows and doing publicity tours.  Her son, Scott, worships his boss, but Susan can’t believe that he is bringing his boss home for the Thanksgiving holiday.  She had raised Scott as a single parent, as Scott’s father dumped her when he discovered she was pregnant.


When Scott asks his boss, Tony, to go with him to Maine for the holidays, to have a great meal and get in some skiing, Tony figures why not.  Although he doesn’t like skiing, he can sit in the lodge by the fireplace, drinking brandy.  On the morning they are to leave, the east coast is hit by a freak snowstorm.  Arriving at Scott’s home, Tony sees a print called Butterfly Kisses on his wall.  Tony has the same print.  He had seen the print and the artist on a morning talk show and had to have it, as the print reminds him of his favorite field on the ranch.   What he doesn’t tell Scott is that he fell for the gorgeous artist Maryah, who has a great sense of humor and honey blonde hair.  Seeing that Scott has his favorite artist’s prints all over his walls, Tony begins to think he may be paying Scott too much.


Arriving at Susan’s home and waiting for her to finish her shower, Tony notices a large Maryah’s painting over her fireplace, amazed that she is another fan of Maryah.  While waiting, they fix sandwiches, so Tony is standing with a jar of pickles when Susan walks into the room.  Hearing her speak, he glances up, and drops his jaw and the jar.  With Tony standing in pickle juice, Susan cannot hold back the laughter, but she also can’t believe how good looking Tony is.  Tony is only a little older than her son and she cannot help wishing she was twenty years younger.  But, at the time, he is acting like an awkward teenager rather than the suave man Scott had described.  Touching her arm, to keep her from falling into his mess, sent shockwaves up his arm.  However, Susan was determined that having a strange man, especially a younger one, awaken her sex drive, was not going to happen.  But she could not sleep, thinking about the hot guy sleeping under her roof.  If this was what the cougar club was about, she figured she needed to reconsider.


Although Scott can see the sparks flying between his mom and his boss, he is adamant no one is going to touch his mom.  After a couple of sleepless nights, Tony and Susan are left in the house alone when Scott joins his friends at skiing and Tony backs out with the excuse he needs to work on a legal brief.  When the lights go out and they are left alone in the house, will they finally give in to temptation? Tony knows for the first time, he is losing his heart to someone.  When the storm knocks the lights out, Tony and Susan lose out to lust.  Can Tony convince Susan that there is more between them than a one-night-stand and that age doesn’t matter?


Wickedly delicious, BUTTERFLY KISSES is a very sensual contemporary romance.  Tony and Susan seem like they are made for each other, despite their age difference.  I absolutely loved this story!  Beautifully enhanced with charismatic characters, an entertaining plot, sexual tension, humor, believable repartee and very sensual sex scenes, this story is unforgettable and I look forward to reading more of this author’s works.  I highly recommend BUTTERFLY KISSES to anyone looking for a great story.



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