Cougar Tales

Author: Sandra Kitt, Laura Castoror, Evelyn Palfrey

Publisher: Parker Publishing

Release Date: April 1, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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HOW TO HANDLE A WOMAN by Sandra Kitt Geneva Springer didn’t realize that she was on the list of auction items when she agreed to attend her nephew’s school charity auction.  Deciding to make the best of it, she bumps into an interesting stranger while perusing the items up for auction.  To her surprise, the handsome stranger Reed Fairway ends up with the winning bid for her interior design services.  Geneva worked many years to create her own interior design business, and Reed’s lackadaisical office atmosphere might be enough to ruin her hard-earned reputation.  Trying to create some order out of the chaos of his office, Geneva is also caught in the whirlwind of feelings she suddenly has for Reed.  She is sure that she can’t have a relationship with a younger man, but Reed is just as determined to change her mind.



As a judge, Beverly Polk has had her share of crazy warnings and threats.  Now, the Chief of Police seems to feel that a recent convict, sentenced by Beverly, is a true threat to her.  Without her knowledge, the chief contracts a private investigator to watch over and protect Beverly.  Devon Carter, Private Investigator, certainly doesn’t take no for an answer.  From mandatory shooting lessons to self-defense to escorts to-and-from the courthouse, he moves in and takes over Beverly’s life.  Beverly begins to rely on Devon for more than just protection, but she can’t imagine her life with a man so much younger than she.  As the threat to Beverly escalates and she’s faced with a dangerous stranger, she doesn’t realize that Devon might have a secret of his own that they will have to overcome to be together.


STORMY WEATHER by Laura Castoro

Beverly Freeman opens her eyes to find a world gone dark and a stranger yelling her name.  Driving in the rainstorm probably wasn’t smart, but at least she’s alive.  Thanks to Will Solomon, an off-duty fireman, Beverly is rescued from the wreck of her car just before it fills with rain water and drowns her.  A broken nose and wrist seem a small price to pay for ending up alive, and Will’s sudden attention seems like a strange bonus.  Beverly is sure that he’s just concerned about her because of the accident.  She’s so much older than he is that he couldn’t possibly be interested in her.  However, his after-dinner kisses seem to say otherwise.  Beverly finds herself fighting old instincts and control issues in her bid to allow Will to get a little closer to her.  Will doesn’t seem to take no for an answer anyway.


COUGAR TALES is a heartwarming anthology of women who find love at long last.  Rather than three women prowling for younger studs, the women of COUGAR TALES live honest, hard working lives and manage to attract the attention of some younger, equally realistic men.  The stories are all different enough to offer a fresh and interesting perspective, and the characters are engaging and compelling.  COUGAR TALES is a great read for those who need to remember that age is only a number and love can’t count!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: darla

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