Country Lovers

Author: Rebecca Shaw

Publisher: Three Rivers Press

Release Date: April 24, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Continuing part three of the Barleybridge series, Dan Franklin-Brown has reunited with his wife, Rose, and they are new parents to a beautiful little boy, Jonathan. Dan’s demeanor has mellowed and he is liked by all except for Rhodri, who envies Dan’s perfect little family. Rhodri would like nothing better than to marry Megan, the local farmer’s daughter. Her tyrannical father, though, refuses to allow her to marry – saying she needed to stay and take care of him. Added to the mix is the dangerous Gab who works for Megan and her father on their farm. He would like nothing better than to have Megan for his wife, but his intentions are anything but honorable.

Joy Bastable is still battling her hopeless love for Mungo Price, the senior partner of Barleybridge Veterinary Hospital. Her secret is out and her husband Duncan is none too happy about it. He has disappeared with his passport and money and somehow she has got to find him without everyone finding out he has gone missing.


Letty Walker has mellowed considerably towards everyone, but has turned into an emotional basket case. Fearing she may have a terminal illness, Letty refuses to confide in anyone. Can Rose help Letty through her difficult time?


In Rebecca Shaw’s third Barleybridge Novel, she continues the journey through life in the small village of Barleybridge. Relating to Rebecca’s characters is extremely easy and every book she writes in this series leaves you itching to find out what will happen next.  

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Rhea Palmer

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