Country Pleasures
By Laurie
Apr 3, 2006 - 5:31:00 PM

When American journalist Jenny Lee has a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel from Ohio to England for an exclusive face to face interview with world-famous rock star Billy Dreamsinger, she jumps at the chance, knowing it will be a huge boost to her career, despite his bad boy reputation. When her rental car breaks down shortly after her arrival in the English countryside and help arrives in the form of sexy farmer Rob Castle, she is most grateful. When it appears that her car repair is going to take a few days, she is thankful for more time with Rob, the most considerate and thoughtful lover she has ever had, but she is still excited about her interview with Billy.

Rob Castle doesn’t find Mr. Dreamsinger quite as charming as his adoring fans.  He has heard the rumors of violence against several innocent young women and isn’t fond of the idea of Jenny being alone with him. Rob won’t keep her from her dream however, and despite his almost desperate attempts to keep her with him he has to let her go.  When Jenny’s interview doesn’t go as she anticipates, Rob is unquestionably there for her, but can he convince her to stay in England to be by his side where she fits so perfectly?


Ms. Laurey has written two very charming characters in COUNTRY PLEASURES.  Jenny and Rob are perfect for each other although Jenny isn’t immediately as receptive to the idea as Rob, regardless of his repeated tender seductions.  Their relationship sizzles on the pages and although this book is not lengthy, it is very satisfying and there is no skimping on emotion in the creation of a gentle, loving relationship between two wonderful characters.  This book belongs on the keeper shelf as I am positive that readers will wish to revisit it often.

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