Country Pleasures
By Dina Smith
Mar 7, 2006 - 7:38:00 PM

It had all started when Jenny got the opportunity she has been waiting for, the chance to write a real article for Celebrity News magazine. All Jenny had to do was interview English pop star Billy Dreamsinger. When Jenny’s rental car broke down on her way to the interview she is rescued by Rob Castle, a farmer who offers her a place to stay for the night while her car is being fixed. Jenny is not real clear what happened next, except for the best mind blowing sex she has ever had.

Rob Castle was sure he must be dreaming, there is no way this beautiful woman in his arms could be real. Jenny was all to real and after the best night of his life Rob knew without a doubt this was the only woman for him. He was in love with Jenny and there was no way he was going to let her just walk out of his life.


Jenny was not going to let one incredible night of passion ruin what she has worked so hard for. After all she has only know him for thirty-six hours, she couldn’t really love him; could she?


Open the windows and turn on the fans because COUNTRY PLEASURES is hot! Rosemary Laurey has done a great job in writing a refreshingly different story that will leave you breathless. COUNTRY PLEASURES may be short but it is way more than sweet!

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