Courage To Believe
By J.T.
Jul 10, 2006 - 4:50:00 AM

Mary O'Toole is at the end of her ropes when she desperately accepts a nanny job in place of executive assistant to keep body and soul alive in New York. What at first looks like a step down turns into a blessing in disguise for her and Angela, Jacob Stone's seven-year-old daughter. Taking care of the quiet little girl not only gives her life new meaning, but also helps provide Angela with the love and support that she craves.

Jacob Stone has everything money can buy but that is about it. His daughter is afraid of him, his mother constantly complains and controls his daily life, and he no longer derives any satisfaction from work. On top of everything, he has to contend with unethical feelings for his newest employee.
Leanne Karella gives us the COURAGE TO BELIEVE in love and life, with her wonderfully crafted tale of a down trodden woman who has finally learned to stand on her own two feet. Determine to find a way of supporting herself without returning home as a failure, Mary gets more than she bargained for in her new nanny job. Now not only is she fixing her own life but also those around her, starting from her young charge Angela to her brusque boss Jacob. Nothing in life will remain the same, especially for these three lost souls who has been given a second chance on life and love. Definitely a book that can make us love, laugh and cry, as we follow the tremulous journey of the budding relationship between Jacob and Mary.


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