Court Me, Cowboy
By Chrissy Dionne
Nov 1, 2006 - 7:11:00 PM

After a week long whirlwind courtship, Marissa and Gabe were married - Las Vegas style, minus the Elvis. Only three weeks later, Marissa leaves Gabe and the loneliness of his ranch to return to the city. Life has a way of playing tricks on us and Marissa is pregnant and returns to tell Gabe of his impending fatherhood.

Big city chef Marissa wants much more than just great sex from the man she married. She wants a relationship outside of the bedroom as well. Gabe showered her with affection, time, and gifts during the week they courted. Once they married and went to live on his ranch, he spent sunup to sundown working, and Marissa had nobody to talk to and the cook wouldnt even welcome her in the kitchen.

Small town rancher Gabe just knew from the minute he saw her that Marissa is everything he could ever want in a wife. After their marriage he never imagined that she was unhappy until he found her farewell note. In his opinion, by working such long hours hed been doing exactly what a husband should - provide for his wife. The fact that she walked out on him didnt just break his heart, it made him look like a complete fool to everyone he knows.

Gabe figured that Marissa was out of his life for good, after all theyd only been married for three weeks and hed signed the papers to have their marriage annulled. Imagine his surprise when three months later, she pulls into the driveway and tells him that she didnt file the paperwork and they are still legally married. As if that isnt shocking enough, he also learns that their brief time together has resulted in a pregnancy and they will be having a baby. Marissa has no intention of staying at the ranch, but she wasnt about to bring Gabes baby into the world without his knowledge. Gabe doesnt trust Marissa. Shed already left him once but he doesnt want any child of his growing up without his father. Hes determined to find a way to convince Marissa to stay and hopefully find a way to show her that their relationship can work, even if it requires courting his own wife.

COURT ME, COWBOY is a very fun whirlwind romance story. Both Marissa and Gabe are lovable characters that readers will really enjoy learning more about. Their vastly different backgrounds and opposing views regarding their relationship create some very interesting scenes filled with tension, combine that with their barely controlled desire for each other and this is a book you wont be able to put down. Ive always loved romances involving small towns because everybody knows everybody elses business and the entire town seems to always get involved which adds a whole host of characters and antics that are laugh out loud funny and charming.

COURT ME, COWBOY is Barbara White Dailles second published novel. Her first, THE SHERIFFS SON, was also released in September of 2006.

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