The Travers Brother Book 2 - Courting Abby
By Phyllis
May 2, 2006 - 4:25:00 PM

***image2***Clint Travers is a Rodeo Cowboy.  He’d joined the Junior Rodeo Association and had been elected Chairman of the Board for the past three years. He had been gored by a bull named Bulldozer and left the Rodeo after having two surgeries that his family does not know about.

Clint is one of 4 sons of Cal Travers of the 4 Bar None Ranch. Deke, the oldest is the strong stable one, Jake the silent one studying to be a lawyer, and Rusty is wet behind the ears.

The ranch used to be all male, but now, there is Emma for Deke and her daughter, Sammie Jo, age four.  Clint loves Emma just like a sister.  Deke was at one point jealous of their relationship.

Abigail Martin came home from Dallas after her father, Ross died of a heart attack. Clint realized that he still loves her, not just as his best friend, but also as a woman. Abby tells Clint she is “practically engaged to John”.   Clint discovers that Abby has a secret that she did not want him to know. Clint makes up his mind, with the help of Emma, that he is going to “court” Abby.  Clint has not been out with a woman in three years. Because Clint is so rusty in the dating field, Emma has to show Clint all the ins and outs of courting Abby.


Bud, the foreman at the Martin Ranch quit the day of the funeral so Judy Martin, Abby’s mother, hires Clint as foreman until they can hire another one.  This does not make Abby too happy.  Clint moves into the bunkhouse.  It definitely bothers Abby that Clint is so close.


Will Abby break her engagement to John for Clint?  Will she forgive him for the past? Will Judy, interfere once too often?  Will Clint allow Abby to continue the farce? 


This book, is as, if not, more entertaining than CHIEF COOK AND BOTTLE WASHER –Travers Brother Book 1.  I love a good family story and this had all the elements that make you laugh and cry, and thank your lucky stars that you have a family.  Ms. Hestand again goes all the way with your emotions.  I have to give this one a 5.   I definitely look forward to reading and reviewing anything that Rita Hestand writes.

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