Cover Model
By Angel
Mar 16, 2008 - 6:15:55 PM

Kissa Collins writes romance and is on a search for the perfect male model for her new cover.   When Forbes walks in she knows that he is her hero in the flesh.   Totally drawn to Forbes, but one to never mix business with pleasure, Kissa never guesses that Forbes will be so persistent in getting into her life.   She can’t stop a force of nature like Forbes, but will their relationship survive the secret he is keeping?

Forbes Huntington is an FBI agent who’s been sent undercover to reveal a bank robber.   When he meets Kissa the sparks fly and he knows that she is the woman for him.   Forbes will do whatever it takes to get into Kissa’s life and convince her that they are perfect together.   Problem is he hasn’t been honest with her, and fears how she will respond when she finds out who he really is.


I loved the fact that Kissa is a black author and all races loved her books.   Kissa has a spirit that can’t be held back and that makes her a likable character.   Forbes has a dangerous air about him and that is something the reader senses without having to be told.   This is a man used to making his own rules.   Kissa and Forbes obviously have some obstacles to overcome, but this is what makes the story.   Their love scenes are captivating and the wealth of emotion that goes into them will capture the reader.   Marie Rochelle has a talent for writing interracial romance without putting the focus on the racial aspect.   Her characters are charming and her crafty plots will keep her fans coming back for more.

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