Author: Dan Skinner

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Release Date: September 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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When Brock Martindale is left down on his luck, after bad choices and his own inflated ego turns his modeling career into a model nightmare. He is left sitting in a cafe wondering about fate and opportunity gained and lost. When a customer offers to buy him coffee and also offers him a way out of his current misery, he jumps at the chance and wonders if this was fate at work again?

Carey Lindenbay, an amateur photographer with a gift of recognizing a beautiful face, meets the one face he has always thought of as perfect - Brock Martindale. He quickly offers to take him home when he realizes Brocks problem and he was in a perfect position to help.


Both men realize quickly that they need each other to make a decent shot at a career, as one wants notoriety while the other wants to fade into obscurity. Being in close proximity to each they get a lot more that they expected from their joint venture.


COVERBOY is a wonderful story of love and acceptance, irrespective of fault or blame. There is also a real sense of the meeting of the mind, body and soul between the pages of this short story.   


Brock and Carey are not soulmates of the cosmic sense, yet they have mated their souls, from the first meeting, from the first tear shed to the first time their lips meet. They are absolutely perfect for each other, with both men wanting so much, yet asking for nothing. With each giving the other space to grow, to accept life changes and realize that there is life and hope after the most devastating of loss.


This is my first Dan Skinner book, but will definitely not be my last, a writer with a true talent of bringing hope to life.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: jhayboy

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