By Sherree
Aug 15, 2006 - 2:35:00 PM

Beth McCasland knows what it is to be a single mother, working a low paying job and trying to meet the demands of life.  Beth was not happy to find a message on her answer machine.  They need her back at work, as soon as she can get there.  Kenzie, her daughter, is away for the night, so Beth has no excuse.  It was a slow night, due to the weather, and when a man walks into the diner and sits in the back booth, Beth takes one look and knows that he is in danger.  When her husband died, Beth took off and was at the end of her road when the Lord sent someone her way.  She is glad that the Lord loved her so much to send a maid that night to drop off towels.  The maid had took one look at Beth, wrapped her arms around her, and let her cry until she realized that death was not the answer.

Ashton Raines has been holding it together since he lost his wife to cancer.  Does the hurting or the loneliness ever leave?  Ashton gets in the car and drives as soon as his concert is over.  Fatigue has taken over Ashton, he can't remember how long he has been driving in the rain.  Finding an all-night diner, Ashton stops to get some much needed coffee.  Asking the waitress for a cup of coffee, Ashton sits and enjoys the warmth of the liquid, as the memories of his wife begin to run through his mind.  Later the waitress came back with a plate and told him it was on the house.  Due to a slow night, the waitress sat down to talk with Ashton and he began to unload his heart as she quietly listened.  Knowing that he needed to get back to the motel, Ashton gets up to leave and the waitress gives his her phone number.  She tells him to call her anytime if he needed someone to just listen.

Beth could not believe she had given her phone number to Timothy(Ashton Raines), a complete stranger.  Timothy took Beth upon her request to call and now she looked forward to his late night calls.  Beth and her daughter even include Timothy(Ashton Raines) in their nightly prayers.  Both realize over time that the nightly calls are not enough.  What would it be like to spend time together?  The night that Beth sees Timothy on tv, she feels betrayed.  Why would Timothy lie about being Ashton Raines?  Will Beth be able to get past the betrayal?  Has Ashton thrown away a life with Beth and Kenzie because of a lie?

Wow!  Staci Stallings has written a heart touching story.  Written with a number of emotions, compassion, laughter, and a desire to be accepted as yourself, this is a story that could become a great best seller.  Even though the characters are fictional, it has real emotions and feelings that everyone experiences.  COWBOY is a story that shows no matter what life throws at us, we never walk alone.  God's grace is more that sufficient to carry us through.  I am honored to give this outstanding author a 4 blue ribbon rating.  I am excited to share this author with my other reader friends.

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