Cowboy Boots for Christmas (Cowboy not Included) - Burnt Boot, Texas series, book 1
By Dottie
Nov 5, 2014 - 12:16:41 PM

Retired army sniper Finn O'Donnell is just looking for peace and quiet after serving two tours in Afghanistan and he believes he has found it when he steps foot on the Salt Draw ranch. Two weeks after purchasing it, a government vehicle pulls into his drive and he is all ready to tell the occupants of the vehicle no to becoming involved in another mission. However, he is shocked when he sees his former partner step out with a small boy by her side.

Callie Brewster has had a crush on Finn since they served together. When she arrived home, her sister had died, leaving behind her six-year-old son, Martin, who had been put in foster care. After gaining custody of her nephew, Callie had to deal with his nightmares since he had witnessed his mother's death. But now the killer is out to eliminate the witness to his crime so he cannot testify against him. The authorities want to place Callie and Martin in the witness protection program, but there is only one person that she trusts to protect them...Finn.

There was no fraternizing in the military between a sniper and his spotter so Finn and Callie kept their distance, although they were close friends. After arriving home, Finn looked for her, but was unable to find her. Now that she is under his roof, he wants nothing more than to have her stay with him forever. But Callie grew up on a ranch and does not care for ranch work. Can he convince her to give their love a chance?

A deliciously heartwarming tale, COWBOY BOOTS FOR CHRISTMAS: (COWBOY NOT INCLUDED), the first book in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Carolyn Brown's new BURNT BOOTS series, brings the magic of Christmas to vibrant life. Finn and Callie did not act on their attraction to each other the first time around, so now they are being given a second chance. These two have huge hearts and enough love to add four orphaned children, a lonely old woman, four unwanted dogs, an abandoned cat and an outspoken bird to their family. And isn't love what Christmas is really all about, anyway?

Packed with emotion, humor, charm, Christmas, ranch life, small town dynamics, tender romance and a load of love, this story will be a favorite for many readers and not only for the holidays! The antics of the two feuding families get more outrageous as the story proceeds and they even try to pull Callie and Finn into the feud, but Callie is not afraid to stand her ground and fight for the man she loves. Finn's cousin, Sawyer, also pays a visit in this book, which will only whet your appetite for his story in THE TROUBLE WITH TEXAS COWBOYS, which is due to release in January 2015. I am a huge fan of Ms. Brown's work and have read most of her books, but, as much as I love each and every one, COWBOY BOOTS FOR CHRISTMAS: (COWBOY NOT INCLUDED) may be my favorite yet! It is one of the best holiday stories I have read this year! For that reason, I have made this story a Recommended Read. A phenomenal start to a new series, this contemporary novel is one you do not want to miss!

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