Cowboy Casanova: Rough Riders, Bk 12
By pamelalynne
Dec 17, 2011 - 3:53:23 PM

Ainsley Hamilton takes on the alias Angel when she decides to accompany her friend to The Rawhide Club. She is there posing as a Domme so that she can observe without interacting. When she catches the attention of a Dom, Bennett, she is instantly attracted to him. She is not certain how far she is willing to go with her little charade. One thing she does know is that she is going to have a little fun tonight.

Ben McKay, or Bennett as he is known at The Rawhide Club, knows a Sub when he sees one. Angel is definitely fooling herself if she really believes she is anything different, but Bennett is willing to do whatever it takes to be with her as long as they can switch roles at a later date. What starts out as meetings on weekends soon turns into much more. It does not take Ben long before he realizes he wants Ainsley to be a permanent fixture in his life. He just needs to convince her that he is the only man she could ever be happy with.

I will freely admit that COWBOY CASANOVA is not my most favorite of Lorelei James' ROUGH RIDERS series, but it still ranks pretty high on my list. I am usually not a big fan of books with a BDSM theme, but Ms. James gives it a whole new and intriguing feel. I love all the McKay boys, and Ben is a super alpha male. There is just something so sexy about a cowboy with a dominant side. COWBOY CASANOVA is going on my keeper shelf. I absolutely cannot wait to read the next McKay's tale. 

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