Cowboy Crazy
By Dottie
Jul 3, 2012 - 1:36:32 PM

Sarah Langdon grew up dirt poor in the small town of Two Shot. But with the help of a scholarship, she had attended two Ivy League colleges, earning a master’s degree in political science with a focus on energy policy, leaving her small town roots behind forever. The only time she returned to Two Shot now was to visit her sister and her niece, who lived on the outskirts of town in a trailer. She avoided going into the town itself. Her sister was married toa rodeo cowboy who had left her with a young daughter, declaring that he had married too young. With this example, Sarah had sworn off men, rodeo cowboys in particular. At one time, rodeo cowboys had been her heroes, but no longer. Now she worked for Carrigan Oil as the public affairs manager. and her boss was Eric, Lane’s brother.

Unlike his brother Eric, the executive for their family business Carrigan’s Oil, Lane Carrigan is a bullrider. As a child, Lane had spent most of his time in boarding schools, but he had always wanted to be a cowboy. So he had spent the two weeks each at his grandfather’s ranch watching the hired help and learning their walk and their talk. He had worked as hard at his cowboy drawl as he did at roping and riding. Recently, Lane made a deal with his brother, leaving Lane land rich and cash poor. He had traded his company shares for control of the family farm. Unfortunately, the family business still retained the mineral rights. But Lane was determined that the Carrigan Ranch, not the LT Ranch would be untouched by the oil industry. No oil rigs would be on the land where he raised his organic, grass-fed beef.

He and his brother had always been competitive. Still Lane was taken by surprise when a young female reporter waylaid him after a rodeo performance and let slip that his brother would be exercising his mineral rights on Lane’s farm. Knowing how much Eric hates bad publicity, Lane had given his own statement. On camera, he told how damaging the oil rigging equipment was to the land and the environment. The news had run that night and the next day, the local newspapers had carried the headline ‘Oil Heirs Battle over Rights to Ranch.’

That morning, Eric had informed Sarah that as public affairs manager, it was up to her to remedy the situation and even had her sit in on an impromptu meeting between the brothers. When Eric was called away mid-meeting to attend another scheduled meeting, she was left alone with Lane.

Believing that Sarah was from a big city and not in touch with small towns, Lane decides that she needs an education. So he invites her to attend the rodeo with him that night. Although she tries to say no nicely, Eric later orders her to go. Pulling out her cowgirl clothes that she had packed away, Sarah dresses for the rodeo. Spending time with Lane brings back some painful memories for Sarah and she finds herself reverting back to that country girl she had once been. As for Lane, he discovers that small town life is not as easy as he had imagined. Also as public affairs manager, it has been left up to Sarah to convince the town that there are benefits to drilling oil in their town. But she is in for some surprising discoveries of her own.

After sharing a kiss, Lane is more certain than ever that there is something between them, even though she is not the type of woman he is usually attracted to. Although Sarah fights the attraction for all she is worth, Lane believes she is worth fighting for. Will they come to an agreement about the mineral rights and will Lane win out over Sarah’s fears?

A passionate tale, COWBOY CRAZY, the latest novel by author Joanne Kennedy, is a witty, sizzling contemporary western romance that will have you eagerly turning the pages to see what happens next. This novel explores the desire to be something other than what you are. Small town girl Sarah strives to be sophisticated like a big city girl and refuses to be associated with her hometown while blue blooded Lane just wants to be a small town boy, claiming the small town of Two Shot as his hometown although he spent little time there growing up. With her penchant for combing humor and passion, Ms. Kennedy has penned another winning novel! Brimming with witty banter, sizzling situations, redemption, self-discovery, misconceptions, bull riding, oil rigs, interesting characters, a timely plot, romance and true love, this is a story you will want to read more than once. I highly recommend COWBOY CRAZY!

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