Cowboy Fever
By Jill
Jun 23, 2011 - 11:01:41 AM

COWBOY FEVER is a fantastic read that is filled with twists and turns. When we first meet Jodie she's racing down the highway armed with a can of Aquanet and her title as Miss Rodeo Wyoming.  While she loved her title as Rodeo Queen, Jodie has lost herself and comes back home to find her roots and to open a therapy center for special needs kids.

When Jodie left home she also left her best friend, Teague, and when she comes back they both feel an instant attraction which they cannot deny, nor can they acknowledge.  As the small town rumor mills fly they have an unexpected mystery to solve and they have to decide if they can take a chance on love and on each other!

COWBOY FEVER is a great story that takes time to build, but the climax is well worth the wait.  Joanne Kennedy weaves a fantastic love story that is allowed to evolve naturally and beautifully.  The love scenes are smoking hot and there is just enough comedy mixed in that made me giggle. The mystery element was also a great twist that helped lead these two together and brings the story to a satisfaction conclusion.

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