Cowboy Seeks Bride - Spikes and Spurs series, Book 7
By Dottie
Aug 26, 2013 - 8:00:00 AM

H. B. ‘Haley’ MacKayhas been sent to ride along and take notes on a month long Chisholm Trail cattle run, with the hands from the O’Donnell ranch for a reality show. Haley’s boss, Carl Levy, is also her father. She had hoped to stay in hotels, meeting the hands at certain points, but that was not to be, as she quickly discovers. Arriving on the ranch, she finds the cowboys, led by Dewar O’Donnell, all ready to go, and they have her horse saddled and waiting for her. Haley had been engaged to Joel, her father’s right-hand man, but six months ago she called it off. She knew that this action had aggravated her father, who wanted Joel for a son-in-law, but she never expected him to retaliate by sending her on this cattle drive. She is sure that Joel also had a hand in sending her off into the wilderness and can’t wait to get back and seek her own vengeance.

Dewar O’Donnell has an affinity for redheads, but not the high heel and business suit wearing type like Haley. With his two brothers and two sisters happily married, his family decided to help him share in their good fortune by matchmaking for him in an attempt to get him married. He rebelled at his family’s interference, but when he finally admitted to himself that he wanted a family of his own, he started dating…a lot. But so far he has been unable to find a woman who interests him enough for even a second date.

Dewar had been led to believe that H.B. Haley was a man and cannot believe it when a woman pulls up in a red sports car, announcing she is the person they have been waiting for. Although their first meeting leaves them snarling at each other, their time spent on the cattle drive, facing down obstacles together, soon sets a spark to the attraction between them. But can a city girl and a cowboy find forever happiness together without destroying each other?

A sexy tale, COWBOY SEEKS BRIDE, the seventh book in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Carolyn Brown’s SPIKES AND SPURS series, is a fun, sensual contemporary romance that will lead readers through a range of emotions as they empathize with the characters. Ms. Brown’s wonderfully descriptive prose allows readers to feel as if they are right in the midst of the story, accompanying the characters on the cross country cattle drive. Feisty, redheaded city girl Haley and hunky cowboy Dewar make a delightful couple and the chemistry between them is explosive.

When it comes to modern day cowboy stories, author Carolyn Brown is unbeatable. Searing hot passion, delicious cowboys, steamy nights, witty banter, slow country drawl, tender romance and true love all combine to give readers a sassy, sexy story that they will reach for time and again. Anyone who believes there is nothing romantic about a cattle drive needs to check out this book. Although it is not necessary to read the rest of the series to appreciate COWBOY SEEKS BRIDE, I am sure that once you read it, you will be seeking the rest of this wonderful series. I hated to see this story end and can’t wait to see what Ms. Brown comes up with next. Pick up a copy and check it out for yourself!

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