Cowboy Take Me Away (Rough Riders, Book 16)
By Jo
Aug 19, 2014 - 5:30:04 PM

COWBOY TAKE ME AWAY has lots of heat, chemistry, strong women and alpha males.  It is set on the land in Wyoming - the ranches, the mines, the small town honkytonks and bars and involves many generations of the families of the McKays and Wests.  

James' COWBOY TAKE ME AWAY (ROUGH RIDERS, BOOK 16) has so much emotion packed into it along with lots of sexual heat and innuendo.  The characters are multifaceted and it takes a lot to get to know them because what you see is not what you always get.  They are each shaped by the history of previous generations with some of the feelings and actions repeating themselves here.  We meet Jeb and see how his sons were raised and Carson, his eldest, is revealed to us with his brood and his relationships to his dad, wife, six kids, siblings and their families has an all important role.  The story spans sixty years but there are a lot of stories told through memories that give further insight to the family and what they've dealt with over the years.  It was fun to see how Carson and Carolyn met and their instant combustible attraction. Their life wasn't always easy and had its ups and downs like most married couples although the love and heat are still there and always ready to be ignited. The McKay's reputation for fighting, cussing and getting the girl was interwoven throughout and the fighting was present in all the generations and it wasn't limited to the men folk either!  It was interesting to see that Edie and her friends hadn't changed since they were introduced to us when they were in their late teens but once again she got her comeuppance and I'm glad she did.  Carson and Carolyn truly have a love that can endure anything but they work at it and we see how hard it was at times and how it was oh so easy at other times even with six kids underfoot. There was laughter, tears, heartache, sorrow, sadness, anger, fear, hard work, love, loving and lots of romance and heat up the sheets and anything else around moments.  There was nice closure but it was real in the way James dealt with Carolyn's riding accident, her recovery and the aftermath.

This is the sixteenth book in the ROUGH RIDERS SERIES and I have a lot to go back and read since this is the only one I've read in the series.  There was a lot of background given so I could keep up with most of the family dynamics and relationships but reading the series in order will help fill in some of the gaps.  I also look forward to reading some of James' other books.

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