Cowboy Up
By Christina
Jun 1, 2008 - 5:44:36 PM

Rock Brennan worked hard to prove himself on the rodeo circuit. He had a promising career until his affair with another rider was revealed and he was forced to quit. However, he could not stay out of competition for long. Rock decided to take up the sport of reining. He is determined to prove he is the best by winning the North American Cup.



When Rock arrives at the training camp the first thing he notices is Andreas. Andreas is one of the top ranked dressage riders in the world. While he finds the man attractive Rock is turned off by his arrogance. He decides to stay far away from the dressage rider and concentrate on training.


However, when Rock arrives at his room he realizes that Andreas is his new roommate. Rock knows he can’t afford to get distracted but sharing the room with the sexy European without getting involved isn’t going to be easy, especially when he realizes that there is a lot more to Andreas than he first thought.


Rock and Andreas are both very sexy. I really enjoyed the interaction between them. Their relationship is sweet and sensual and feels very real to me. The setting is different and the author provided an intriguing look at the world of equestrian competition. COWBOY UP is a surprising and touching erotic romance.

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