Cowboy’s Million-Dollar Secret
By Gloria Rita
Sep 30, 2003 - 5:21:00 PM

Leanna Jensen has an obligation to fulfill. She promised Hollywood legend Arch Golden on his deathbed that she’d contact his illegitimate son and make sure he inherited his millions. No easy assignment since the son in question has no idea he’s illegitimate. Her plan is to get to know Patrick Lander as a friend first and then break the news to him gently before the paparazzi get wind of it and descend on him and his family. So she packs up everything she owns and heads out of California for Texas to take a temporary job as hostess on the Double C Dude Ranch.

Once Leanna arrives, it doesn’t take long for her to realize there’s something sizzling between her and Patrick, and she starts to feel guilty because she knows she’s keeping a secret from him as to what she’s really doing there. And that secret is going to turn Patrick’s world upside down, rocking the very foundation of what and who he’s always believed he really is.


Patrick has a well-earned reputation with the ladies as a charmer and a flirt. And that suits him just fine. He’s not the marrying kind and his reputation broadcasts that message loud and clear. Why, he couldn’t be faithful any more than his mother ever could.


Now, with his brother Caleb taking off with his new wife on her book tour, Patrick finds himself temporarily in charge of the dude ranch and he’s determined to do a good job. Long considered the family screw-up, he’s promised himself he won’t let his family down and if that means swearing off women for a while, then so be it. Only problem is he’s fighting an unwanted and powerful attraction for Miss Too-Young-For-Him-City-Slicker.


Emilie Rose captures the essence of the modern day cowboy and life on a dude ranch, a setting this city girl thoroughly enjoyed delving into. Her humorous yet heart-warming way of telling a story pulled me right in and didn’t let go. I immediately empathized with the heroine and fell head over heels for the hero. Watching this pair valiantly fight the losing battle over their attraction for each other was pure fun. Books by Ms. Rose are a definite must buy for me from now on.


COWBOY’S MILLION-DOLLAR SECRET is the third book about the Lander men. Brand and Caleb’s stories came first and the youngest Lander is next. In A PASSIONATE PROPOSAL we get to read all about Cort. Coming to a bookstore near you in April 2004.

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