Cowboys Down

Author: Barbara Elsborg

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: 02-07-2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Jasper Randolph loves horses but can’t get over his fear of what could happen while riding. He could die from a fall and it terrifies him. Hoping to control the terror, he flies thousands of miles to a Wyoming dude ranch. He’s captivated by the beautiful skies and wide open spaces, but it’s the owner’s son, Calum, that draws him like a moth to a flame.

The second that Calum sees Jasper he knows he’s in trouble. Everything about the sexy Englishman pushes his buttons, but trying to spend time together is next to impossible with his father watching his every move. As their relationship grows, others are watching too…and they’re willing to do anything to drive them apart.

COWBOYS DOWN is the latest release by talented author Barbara Elsborg. I’ve enjoyed her writing in the past and it’s no different with this compelling new story of two men from vastly different worlds that pulled me in from the beginning.

Jasper, our reserved stockbroker, is so uptight he almost creaks. There’s just something about this wounded guy that jerks at the heartstrings. I mean who flies across the Atlantic in the hopes of fixing a fear of horseback riding. Then there’s Calum. He’s just as scarred in his own way from the constant battles with his father over his being gay. Ms. Elsborg truly excelled with the creating of their personalities, but she didn’t stop there. The personalities of the other people inhabiting the ranch…including the villains…are as equally well defined.

The details of the ranch and its surroundings are vivid, the pacing is smooth throughout and the character relationships are complicated. Then there’s the emotional baggage of both Jasper and Calum…it’s intense, painful and tragic.  I admit it. I enjoy cowboy romances. When you put all the pieces of COWBOYS DOWN together with bantering conversation, fear, danger and some unexpected twists and turns, you come up with an entertaining read I thoroughly enjoyed. I think you will too.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Gayle

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