Cowgirl Up

Author: Deidre O’Dare

Publisher: Amber Quill

Release Date: May 19, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Tabitha ‘Tab’ Conrad may be little but she’s definitely not afraid to step up and play with the big boys.  Rather than indulge in the girly sport of barrel racing or ribbon roping, she rides snorting bucking bulls and bucking broncs.  Her brother and his best friend also work the rodeo circuit and between the two of them she’s protected from overzealous admirers and disgruntled livestock.

Wes Duncan takes his duty as a rodeo clown to heart.  His father and brother both lost their lives to enraged bulls in the arena and he’s made it his personal mission to protect as many downed riders as he possibly can.  His best friend’s little sister’s being involved in the sport is a major concern - despite her being off-limits Wes is in love with her.  Despite his suggestions that she do something less risky, Tab isn’t biting.


Tab has come to value being able to count on Wes to keep her safe from the livestock once she’s dismounted.  As her brother’s best friend it makes perfect sense for him to be protective of her.  Wes is a genuinely likeable guy and Tab can imagine having an intimate relationship with him - assuming he’d quit nagging her about riding.  Her father’s a hellfire ranting preacher and she has no intention of returning home and to the kind of life her father expects from all his kids.  When she turned eighteen she couldn’t leave home fast enough to suit her, but it looks like her brother’s finally found a woman he really cares about so life is about to change.  What she doesn’t expect is for her friendship with Wes to end up in an unforgettable sexual encounter.  Tab finally admits to herself that a romantic relationship with Wes is something she’s secretly desired.  Will she be able to keep both a career in the rodeo and the man she’s come to love? 


What a fun tale!  Tab is 100% tomboy and you just have to admire her determination to make a place for herself in what’s considered a ‘man’s sport.’  Wes is the perfect man for her.  He understands the dangers she faces each time she enters the arena and while he’d like for her to give it up he’s willing to accept her decision.  From the jaw dropping mouthy comments Tab makes to a pushy reporter to Tab and Wes’s intensely hot romance Deidre O’Dare’s COWGIRL UP is a must read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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