Cracklin’ Rosie (Blue Jeans and Hard Hats, Book 2)
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 20, 2013 - 10:11:39 AM

Rosie loves food.  She owns her own diner, runs a blog dedicated to food, and enjoys experimenting and creating new decadent creations.  She’s perfectly content with her life even if she does have to make trips out of town in order to have her personal needs met.  Blue Ridge, Georgia is a small town and while she does love the area and can’t imagine living anywhere else, her love for being spanked isn’t exactly something she wants to become common knowledge amongst her friends and diner patrons. She didn’t count on someone like Decker entering her life and tempting her to throw caution to the wind.  The only defense against a man like him is sarcasm and lots of attitude – but Decker views her sharp tongue as a challenge… one he’s going to overcome.

Decker loves construction and has traveled all over the country plying his trade, but he’s ready to settle down and thanks to an offer from a friend to build a business based in Blue Ridge, he’s really liking the idea of putting down roots in the community.  Of course his infatuation with Rosie is definitely one of the town’s starring attractions.  He’s been hired to replace the roof on her cabin, but the prickly little dynamo is definitely testing his patience with her sweet curves and smart mouth.  Paddling her behind is becoming one of his biggest fantasies – fortunately it’s one of hers too.


All Rosie’s attempts at keeping Decker at a distance have been abysmal failures.  The man simple doesn’t seem to get that she isn’t interested in his company – or maybe he sees more behind her prickly disposition and sharp tongue than she thought.  In either case, he quickly wears down her defenses and discovers that underneath all that attitude is a vulnerable woman who doesn’t believe she can have it all – her business, community and her sexual desires.  Decker aims to prove that she can have her heart’s desire and he’s just the man who can give it to her – without divulging their special kink to everyone else.  The trouble is, Rosie is afraid to reach out for what she really wants with Decker because he will be leaving – and where does that leave her – lonely and wanting. 


CRACKLIN’ ROSIE is a fun romance full of lots of snarky comments, quick wit, unrequited passion, and singe worthy spankings.  The sexual tension between Decker is Rosie is evident right from the beginning but there’s an underlying wariness on her part so it’s interesting to see how Decker will get past her defenses.  I have to admit, there are times Rosie comes off as so rude I wanted to spank her, but when she begins to warm up to Decker and starts to reveal her insecurities and fears then I could understand why she behaved like she did.  It doesn’t save her from the well-deserved spankings though – and that’s just how she likes it.  Lissa Matthews’ writing is fun, charming, definitely naughty, and yet still delivers a heartwarming (or at least a seat warming) message that it’s okay to be exactly the person you were meant to be – kinks and all!


CRACKLIN’ ROSIE is the second story in Ms. Matthews’ BLUE JEAN AND HARD HATS series.  The stories are all connected but each can definitely be enjoyed as a stand-alone story as well.

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