Crazy for the Cowboy - Sexy Texans #1

Author: Vicki Lewis Thompson

Publisher: Signet Eclipse

Release Date: May 5, 2015

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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CRAZY FOR THE COWBOY has a small town in Texas that has seen better days but the people that remain are the heart of the town.  As they brainstorm ideas to bring tourists and life back to their town three unexpected visitors arrive for the weekend and the town will never be the same again.

CRAZY FOR THE COWBOY (SEXY TEXANS #1) has Bickford, Texas front and center.  As we get to know the townspeople who struggle to keep a few of the businesses alive, the hotel, the saloon, the stable and the general store, we get to know them and their determination.  Vince, Mac and Travis, who used to work at the Double J Ranch before it closed, come back for a weekend to try and find the Ghost and infuse a little bit of money into town.  When Vince decides not to leave at the end of the weekend like his friends do the fun begins.  He and Georgie who runs the general store have always fought their attraction.  The chemistry is still there years later and they come to an agreement to do nothing about it since Vince is not the settling down in one place kind of guy.  But can they keep their feelings under wraps?  When Vince broaches the idea to bring in tourists for trail rides and to have them catch a glimpse of the Ghost people are excited.  They run with it and try to put Vince in charge but knowing his track record he'll help set the business up but once it has the kinks worked out he plans to back out and leave town once again.  Watching the town transform itself a little at a time felt right.

The descriptions of the town, the canyon, the meadow, the stream and waterfall as well as the horses made me feel that I was there.  There are family, friends, rides, sightings of the Ghost and his horses, reminisces, sneaking around, denial, sadness, hurt, tears, happiness, laughter, romance and love. The people were multifaceted and it was heartwarming to see their interactions and their love for their town.  Georgie's stepsisters were nothing alike - Anastasia, was an artist who came back to her art with a vengeance after quite a long drought, Charmaine moved to Dallas to find herself a rich husband and their mama would then follow her there to find her own rich husband.  Her stepmother and she had no love lost between them but it was interesting to see how her mind worked. It also was heartwrenching to see she had the power to hurt Georgie and all she loved.  There was a happily ever after on many fronts with a few twists and turns to the story.  There was nice closure but enough loose ends to continue the series.  There was an excerpt of book two in the series, WILD ABOUT THE WRANGLER, that whet my appetite for more.  I can't wait to read the next books in the SEXY TEXANS SERIES.

Thompson is a new to me author having only read THE PERFECT MAN previously.  I will definitely be looking for more of her romances with alpha males, whether cowboys or billionaires, and lots of loving!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jo

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