Crazy for the Cowboy - Sexy Texans, book 1
By Diana S
Aug 21, 2015 - 1:54:54 PM

As this story begins, three single cowboys converge on Bickford, Texas, at Sadie's, the local bar in the hotel. All three men, Vince, Mac and Travis, used to work at the Diamond J Dude Ranch until four years ago when it closed down. Since then the town has become almost a ghost town with only the general store, the hotel and bar left. It is very difficult for these men to see the town this way, but they have come to take one last look at the wild horse herd led by the Ghost stallion that roams the hills outside of town.

Vince also wants to see if Georgie Bickford still lives in town. He had never forgotten her or the good times they used to have at Sadie's. Georgie is still running the general store after her father's death that had brought her home from college. She is trying to keep it and her home in one piece. Georgie loves the town and can't stand to see it become a ghost town. There are still a few local residents but they are all retired. Georgie's father left the store and house to her stepmother in his will but Georgie keeps hoping she won't sell it all out from underneath her.

The town needs any money they can get but when Georgie learns the cowboys are going to try and rope the Ghost, she has to figure out a way for it not to happen. Georgie also doesn't want Vince to find out that she has always had a crush on him. She doesn't realize Vince has come back to see her too.

When the town council has their monthly meeting and Vince is still in town after his two friends left, he helps them come up with an idea to keep the town alive and bring back tourism. The council likes his idea to start having weekend trail rides back in the hills to observe the wild horses, have a chuck wagon supper and overnight campout. But they want him to stick around and help put it all together. Vince has never been one to stay anyplace too long but when Georgie is put in charge, he decides to stay and help her.

There are sparks flying between Georgie and Vince but she makes him understand that all they can have between them is business. Vince agrees but has to keep his distance to make it happen. Will Georgie and Vince finally react to the sparks flying and start a relationship? Will Vince decide he is tired of roaming around, needs to settle down and start a family of his own?

This new series by Vicki Lewis Thompson is a fresh-out-of-the shoot cowboy tale of love, life and the difficult decisions we make. I kept turning the pages to find out what was going to happen around the next bend. I love the new characters and their stories. I will be waiting with bated breath until the next book comes out. Vicki Lewis Thompson has always kept me coming back for the next great story in her series and I have never been disappointed. I give this novel 4 Blue Ribbons on Romance Junkies' website because reading about the inspiration and hard work that hopefully brings life back into a community, plus the longstanding people who have stuck it out through the bad times, combine to make a happy ending for all.

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