Crazy Love
By Tammy Kelley
Sep 1, 2005 - 7:23:00 PM

CRAZY LOVE is about two fine African American sisters that are best friends trying to find the perfect man.  Let's introduce you to Stacie Long; she actually believes that she is God's Gift to all men.  Stacie has make a list that she goes by on trying to find her perfect man.  Now let's introduce Stacie's best friend Tameeka Johnson, now she is a successful woman that on the outside looks as if she has everything under control but; does she get a rude awakening?

Stacie has a shoe fetish that comes from her father's abuse.  Every time Stacie gets in a stressful situation she has to sniff her shoes, not the outside but; the inside of the shoe.  Now this has caused some problems with some of the men she has dated, so Stacie's perfect man is going to have to be able to not just accept Stacie's insecurities but; also her fetish for her shoes.

Finally Tameeka and Stacie meet Tyrell and Jackson who they believe are their soul mates.  Tameeka and Tyrell go against a lot of obstacles in their relationship.  Will Tameeka be able to put her last love Mohammed out of her mind, and be able to grow in her relationship with Tyrell or will every time her and Tyrell make love will she call out Mohammed's name?  Will Tyrell be able to keep his eyes off of all the other women when he's with Tameeka or will he always have roaming eyes?

Stacie and her man Jackson get along great after their first date together.  Jackson has always had a three date rule, so when he and Stacie get to about the fifth date he knows that Stacie is the woman for him.  For Stacie, Jackson doesn't even come close to the qualifications on the list she has for the perfect man.  Will Stacie be able to forget about the list and go with her heart or is she going to let her past hurts keep her from finding the Crazy Love that actually lasts forever.

CRAZY LOVE is so down to earth and it is like things that actually happen in relationships.  CRAZY LOVE is full of love, laughter and the ups and downs of trying to find that CRAZY LOVE that will be the love that lasts a life time.

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