Crazy Thing Called Love
By Sarah W
Feb 3, 2013 - 1:41:54 PM

Hockey player Billy Wilkins has a bad reputation. Instead of being a scrappy player who helps his teammates, he gets into fight after fight, becoming a liability. His image needs a makeover, particularly if he wants to stay on the team that has been his home for so long.

Madelyn “Maddy” Cornish is backed into a corner when her producer on AM Dallas insists on doing a four-part makeover series on Billy. Madelyn has little choice in the matter. She will do whatever she can to protect herself against Billy Wilkins. He broke her heart once and she has walled herself up so tightly that she will not let him in again, ever. However, when tragedy strikes in Billy’s life and he is left caring for two young kids, Maddy may have to step up and realize that Billy is working hard at change. They have a long history together but can they ever again step towards the future without losing each other in the process?

CRAZY THING CALLED LOVE is my favorite of the CROOKED CREEK RANCH series. Despite his role as a defender in hockey, a man used to powerful plays and putting the hurt on people, Billy is vulnerable. From the moment he sees Maddy again, he yearns for her. He wants that second chance. Maddy is definitely a harder person to crack. She has been badly bruised by Billy and does not want to let his personality overpower her again. Maddy wants their new “relationship” to be business only, though she is willing to let him into her bedroom again. But Billy wants more and that yearning and desire leaps off the pages. These characters, all of them, broke my heart and put it back together. Of course, I cannot review this phenomenal book without mentioning Charlie and Becky, Billy’s nephew and niece. Becky may be just a kid but she is an old soul who has seen way too much of life’s hardships. She steals every scene she is in. Molly O’Keefe writes heartbreaking and hopeful characters! CRAZY THING CALLED LOVE will pull on all your emotions. At first glance, this is simply a second chance at love romance but the more you dig into these characters, the more you will realize that Molly O’Keefe writes with a delicacy that allows the characters to come to life and tell their stories directly to the reader’s heart. Do not pass up on this fabulous contemporary romance!

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