Crazy for Love

Author: Victoria Dahl

Publisher: HQN Books

Release Date: July 1, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Chloe Turner’s life has turned upside down ever since her ex-fiancé faked his own death to avoid marrying her. She is being labeled as the Bridezilla from hell by the press and her life is basically one big mess. Her best friend, Jenn, convinces her to go away on a vacation to try to let the mess calm down and hopefully disappear. Chloe agrees, sure some R&R is just what she needs. New opportunities open up for Chloe on her vacation and one of those “opportunities” is named Max.

Max Sullivan spots trouble the moment he sets eyes on Chloe. When he sees Chloe and Jenn trying to light a fire on the beach, his instincts jump into red alert and he is introduces himself quickly. Max has major worry-wart issues and Chloe sets off those tendencies too. But she actually takes the time to delve below his issues and get to know the man who likes simple things like woodwork and not the high-seas, treasure hunting life he actually leads. But little does Max realize what he has gotten involved in when he meets Chloe. Max has always become involved with women in order to help them. Chloe seems self-sufficient but when Max discovers what is really going on in her life, will he step in to save her or just be the shoulder she needs to get through her problems?

For this reader, CRAZY FOR LOVE was a major departure from Victoria Dahl’s previous books. Max was not quite the hero I expected. His worry tendencies were a bit over the top for me but I tried to understand him. And when calmed down by Chloe, he seemed much more rational and well, hunky. Of course it helps that he is pretty much gone on Chloe. Their attraction is sizzling!

Chloe was a strong woman. Even amidst all the chaos her life had fallen into, Chloe stays focused and sure that soon enough the trouble will have to disappear. After all, once another scandal pops up, she can move on. She is angry and hurt by her ex-fiancé but she is also ready to move forward with life.

These are very different characters but their differences and mutual attraction was well handled. Victoria Dahl did a good job of convincing me of the motivations behind Max’s neuroses while also letting him step away from them.

CRAZY FOR LOVE is truly a madcap journey of love!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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