Crazy on You
By Dottie
May 15, 2012 - 1:26:33 PM

Lily Darlington, the owner of Lily Belle’s Salon Day Spa, is the mother of a ten-year-old and nowadays, she tries to behave like a businesswoman and mother. Her marriage had only lasted three years, but she had known before the end of it that her husband was cheating. However, she had tried to keep it together so that her son would have a dad in his life. Her own dad had left when she was quite young so she knew what it was like to grow up without one. But her husband had ended up leaving her for a young skank. Lily had been wilder in her younger days, often acting without thinking, and had even ended her marriage by driving through her ex’s living room. She lived next door to her mom. That was good in that her mom could watch her son Pippen while Lily was at work. But it was bad because her mother could be nosey. Tired after a long day, all she wanted was to go home, have dinner with her son and rest. But before she made it all the way home, she was pulled over by a police officer...someone new in town. She was familiar with the other police in the small town, but she had never met this one before.

Officer Tucker Matthews had moved to Lovett, Texas and into the house next door to Lily. He worked nights as a police officer, but sleeping during the days was nearly impossible since his next door neighbor’s son liked to play basketball outside his bedroom window in the mornings. He had just started his third week with the Potter County Sheriff’s Department. Prior to this, Tucker had been in the service for ten years and had been looking forward to moving in with his girlfriend Tiffany. But two weeks after he moved in, she moved out, taking his expensive guitar and leaving her cat, Pinky. A year ago, Tucker had not even liked cats, but now he thought of Pinky as a blessing. After she left, Tucker had thought of re-enlisting, but, after being shot five times, he figured it was time to move on, so he had enrolled in the El Paso County Sheriff’s Academy and ended up with his present job.


Arriving home from work, Tucker heard the boy next door outside playing basketball, so he approached him. He had hoped to make a deal with the boy so he could get some rest. Looking up, he saw the woman he had pulled over the night before and felt the attraction right away. But that attraction deepened when she warned him away from her son. He had lost his own mother when he was three, then his grandmother died when he was five. Afterwards, he was shifted around to aunts who did not want him and finally, left to the system. So he had not had the love like that that Lily had for her son. He could see it in her eyes and he wanted that kind of love.


It did not take long for Tucker and Lily to act on that attraction. However, she is eight years older than Tucker and, having once been thought of as crazy by those in town, she did not want them to think of her as a cougar now. But when Tucker lays it on the line, will she choose him, or will she walk away from a good man and a true love?


Set in Lovett, Texas, CRAZY ON YOU, the latest novella by New York Times bestselling author Rachel Gibson, is a sizzling hot, witty contemporary romance that is so hot; you can practically see the steam rising from the pages. The lengths that Lily goes to in order to get her point across and the outcome will have readers laughing out loud. The chemistry between Tucker and Lily is explosive and instantaneous. With humor, clever repartee, passion and romance, this is a story you do not want to miss. It will draw you in right from the beginning, making the story come to life right before your eyes. This story was pure fun and a great quick read, but I would like to have seen it as a full novel, instead of a novella. Yet it still tells a great story, one you will not want to miss. I recommend it to those who like plenty of humor and spice with their stories. I also look forward to Ms. Gibson’s next novel, RESCUE ME, due out at the end of May.


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