Creme Brulee Upset
By Dottie
Jun 2, 2008 - 9:05:48 AM

Patrice has loved Mike from the time she first learned to walk.  For years, she has faithfully written to Mike on Wednesdays and mailed it so he would receive it on Friday.  She sent him letters and packages containing baked goods that she made herself - even while she was studying to be a chef in Paris.  Yet he persists in treating her like his annoying younger sister.  Patrice is a sweet girl who is always thinking of others and everyone loves her, but the only love she really wants is from Mike.

Mike, seven years older than Patrice, has resisted her attempts to have a relationship with him – even turning her down when she asks him to her prom.  Although he loves her, he swore that he would never admit it to anyone, especially his two roommates – one of whom is her brother.  He has fought the attraction because of the difference in their ages.  Nothing will give him away, except maybe the box of letters he has saved over the years hidden in his bedroom.  He knows no matter what he does, she will always forgive him.  She is the closest thing he has to having a sister.  However, his feelings for her are not very brotherly. 


When Patrice plans a surprise party for Mike, her expectations of finally being noticed are high.  In a cruel twist, her joy is shattered when her plans go terribly wrong.  Mike realizes too late that he may have lost forever the one person who completes him.


CRÈME BRULEE UPSET is a poignant, and at times, humorous tale.  Before it is all over, Mike learns a few lessons.  For instance, when you have a good thing, don’t let it go or someone else may discover how good it is and try to take it away from you before you have a chance to make amends.  Readers are taken on a roller coast ride of emotion as Mike desperately tries to find a way to win back Patrice’s love, and a tearful Patrice tries to start a new life without Mike.  Amid misunderstandings and mishaps, readers may find themselves sad and sympathetic one moment and laughing-out-loud the next.  This moving story also proves the value of having friends.  The secondary characters add humor to the story.  I am delighted to recommend CRÈME BRULEE UPSET and look forward to reading other works by this author. 

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