Criminal Instinct
By Ann
Jul 1, 2010 - 2:57:44 PM

Ana Moreno has always been in and out of trouble.  When faced with a five year sentence, she is given a reprieve if she becomes an agent for SIDE aka Secret Informant Drug Enforcement.  Her current mission is to track down a deadly shipment of Ecstasy heading to San Francisco and her lead is Jonas Saven, a dangerous man with secrets of his own.  Can she get the intel she needs without jeopardizing her team or her heart in the process?

CRIMINAL INSTINCT is a roller coaster ride right from the get-go.  Ana is a spit-fire who never had it easy so will not let her guard down for anyone.  She tries to reach out but always seems to get burned.  With Jonas, she is tentative because she feels like she can lean on him if only she can trust him.  Jonas is a difficult man to trust.  His past is not as bleak as Ana’s but it doesn’t mean he isn’t hardened.  He has risen from a tough past and is wary of others as well.  These two were like fighters who were jostling for control and looking for weakness.  There were numerous secondary characters that were needed to help bring the plot to life and help the twists unfold.  The plot was like an onion that was constantly being peeled away.  It had me riveted to my seat until the very end.  CRIMINAL INSTINCT was a worthy debut effort by Ms. Parra and I look forward to more from her.

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