Cruel Summer
By Sarah W
May 1, 2006 - 9:03:00 PM

Five friends living in South Beach, Miami are just trying to deal with life. There are the rich and influential kids, Vanity St. John, Max Biaggi Jr., and Christina Perez. They are all dealing with their own problems, including neglectful parents and the problems that come with being famous and wealthy teens. Then there's Dante Medina and Pippa Keith. They're the wannabes, the beautiful people who lack the wealth and notoriety that accompany their cohorts. Pippa longs for the wealth that once used to be part of her life in England, and Dante just wants fame and glory.

As the summer continues, these teens get in trouble, test their limits, and try to change their futures. Unfortunately, something has to give and though they don't know it, it may just be one of their lives that is about to be forfeited.

CRUEL SUMMER is an exciting tale of the lives and loves of five contemporary teens. They face the issues of sexuality, violence, drugs, and family that all teens face today. Ms. Adams portrays these issues under a critical but illuminating light, giving the characters room to maneuver in the storyline. Their lives intertwine and connect in the smallest of ways, making for some interesting plotting possibilities. Ms. Adams has penned an amusing, sardonic, and provocative tale about today's teens. CRUEL SUMMER is a straight in your face, gritty details and all, kind of story and readers will be hooked, wanting to find out what will happen with the Fabulous Five.

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