Cruise Ship Diaries
By Rhea Palmer
Aug 15, 2006 - 10:03:00 AM

Maggie Maghpye has lost her job of twelve years as a paralegal. So taking a cruise while she is unemployed isn’t exactly the smartest thing she has ever done, but after years of making horrible decisions and basically just having bad luck, what’s one more thing? So instead of pounding the pavements of New York City looking for jobs, she’s browsing through shops looking for cruise clothes. She’s grabbing the one shot for a chance to get away from it all for twelve days of paradise.

Once on board The Mexican Star, Maggie befriends a couple of veteran cruise vacationers and sets out to enjoy the endless amounts of food, free classes, and dazzling balls. One crystal-clear night, she wanders the decks of the cruise ship, looking for a little peace and quiet when she happens across Michael Sanders, a fellow vacationer who has his own reasons for wandering the decks alone at night. As the two begin a friendship, Maggie finds herself wondering if she should chance love one more time with a man who obviously is carrying some type of emotional baggage. Is it worth a shot? Can Maggie really hope to have found someone who could love her unconditionally?


This was a very cute book of a woman who has let the world weigh her down. The cruise was a wonderful idea to get her out of her shell a little bit and you will find yourself cheering for her the whole way through this book. After reading the Cruise Ship Diaries, you may find yourself picking up that phone and booking your own twelve days of paradise.

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