Cupid Cats

Author: Katie MacAlister, Connie Brockway & Vicki Lewis Thompson

Publisher: Signet Eclipse

Release Date: July 6, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3

Format: PRINT

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UNLEASHED by Katie MacAlister

Jacintha Ferreira is an Animal Control Officer who is called in to take care of a jaguar that has been dropped off at an animal shelter. She has brought her sister, who is visiting on vacation.

She enters the animal shelter and is confronted with a mind-talking jaguar, who is actually a male vampire/therion. As things calm down, Avery the creature turns into Avery the man. And what a hunk he is!
Jas is put through some intense and sometimes very heated situations.  This is really a cute and fun-to-read short story and I found it rather hilarious in it's moments.
CAT SCRATCH FEVER by Connie Brockway
An orange tiger cat plays the lead role in pairing a widowed father, Jim, with Dr. Edith Handelman. The cat is the exact likeness of his first wife's cat and Jim's daughter, Chloe, is convinced that "Ishy-Pixie" is in fact her dead mother's cat.  Chloe and the cat bring the two together. Jim is an Irish hunk and Edie is a very socially inept geneticist.  This is a very endearing story.
A CAT'S GAME by Vicki Lewis Thompson
Kate Archer grew up in the spotlight of Hollywood, where her parents were always in the tabloids; usually with bad news.  She was in love with John Ramsey, who later becomes Hollywood's hottest star. When the two broke up in high school, at the senior prom, it was splashed all over the tabloids.
They meet again after many years and the same chemistry exists between them. It is as if they had never parted.  A cat named Darwin plays a role in the connection between the two. He is adopted by Kate from a place called Cupid Cats and has a heart-shaped mark on his body.  Can Kate tolerate the publicity of being with John or will she shrink away?
Who couldn't love a jaguar, a tiger kitty or a cat who can be walked on a leash? These are really cute, funny stories. These ladies write very humorously. Such light-heartedness makes for really enjoyable reading.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Joanne R

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