Cupid's Captive

Author: Reese Gabriel

Publisher: Phaze Books

Release Date: February 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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John Cupid hates not only his name but even the idea of love is anathema to him. His policy is to keep things simple and non-personal. The attorney in him commands that his women sign a pledge of agreement. Even with that attitude, he never lacks for companionship.

It’s Valentine’s Day and he has plans for a night of domination. Unfortunately, his business partner needs someone to take his sister out for the evening. Baby-sit? On Valentines Day? With a brat who calls him Uncle John? No, not even for his best friend and partner.

The subject of their discussion, Steffy, overhears the conversation. When she walks into John’s office, he’s blown away by her appearance. She’s all grown up, curves in just the right place. Still, she’s his partner’s baby sister. A no-no for him to touch.

His partner and Steffy finally convince him to cancel his plans and take her out. John agrees to take her to dinner, but that’s all. Steffy has other ideas and even tells him in some detail what she wants him to do to and for her. He tries his best to dissuade her, even spanks her to gain her attention. That doesn’t work either. The Brat has become a woman who knows her own mind. Or does she?

Will John Cupid survive the evening? Steffy will do whatever it takes to make him believe in love and a happily-ever-after. Poor man, he has no idea what’s hit him. He didn’t see the arrow aimed at his heart. But when he does, can he fight it? Will he want to?

Reese Gabriel writes with a sense of humor that I find absolutely fascinating. Even with a short story, he packs it full of the thing he writes about best, BSDM. Don’t miss CUPID’S CAPTIVE and learn just who captures whom.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Nickie Langdon

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