Curing the Blues with a New Pair of Shoes
By Leigh
Sep 1, 2009 - 3:34:53 PM

Salt Lick, Texas’ Hogg’s Drive-in boasts to be the King’s favorite burger joint.  Hogg’s is filled with Elvis memorabilia, and in honor of the town’s impending celebration of the King’s birthday, has made arrangements to display a pair of Elvis’ blue suede shoes.  But right before the festivities begin, the shoes are stolen.  Debbie Sue and Edwina—beauticians that moonlight as amateur sleuths called the Domestic Equalizers—receive an early morning panicked phone call from Judd Hogg, begging them to investigate.

Salt Lick’s festival has also attracted the attention of two reporters from rival Fort Worth newspapers.  Avery Deaton takes the Elvis assignment as a sign that her career is going nowhere; for Sam Carter the assignment is second to his real motive, a feature story on a rising football star that hails from Salt Lick.  Sam views the assignment as his ticket back to being an ace sports reporter; Avery views it as a ticket to humiliation.  Edwina views Avery and Sam as being in dire need of her matchmaking skills.


Things are heating up in Salt Lick, and between the shoes, the reporters, and Salt Lick’s cast of lovable and laughable townspeople, the Domestic Equalizers have their work cut out for them.


The sibling writing duo that is Dixie Cash has another hit on their hands with CURING THE BLUES WITH A NEW PAIR OF SHOES, their fifth novel featuring Debbie Sue and Edwina.  The sisters’ trademark Texas humor gives their readers guaranteed laugh-out-loud antics combined with small town everybody-knows-your-business atmosphere.  This is a fun read that will appeal to a wide age of readers, as well as both mystery and romance fans.

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