Author: Kate Angell

Publisher: Love Spell

Release Date: May 29, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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The Richmond Rogues' power hitters, the Bat Pack, are in big trouble. After a fight during media day, the Rogues' top three players, Cody 'Psycho' McMillan, Jesse 'Romeo' Bellisaro, and Chase 'Chaser' Tallan, have all been suspended for thirteen games. This was certainly not the way the three ball players had intended the season to start. Fortunately, their suspension is about to bring three very special women into their lives.

Psycho is fed up with the Daughters of Virginia, the group of old biddies who are determined to see Psycho restore his house, the historic childhood home of Colonel William Lowell, to its previous glory. When a woman shows up at his door proclaiming to be a designer from Gloss Interiors, and the so-called illegitimate fifth generation grandniece of Lowell's brother, Psycho is ready to send her on her way. But Keely Douglas tackles the Daughters of Virginia with aplomb, grace, and a seemingly endless knowledge of historic restoration. Psycho knows she is not on the up-and-up, but something about her gets to him and he grudgingly agrees to hire her. But what he does not realize is that Psycho has just hired the one woman who may be able to embrace his crazy nature, surly attitude, and love of nudity. Strike one as one man falls down to love!

Chaser has been best friends with his neighborhood friend, Jen Reid, just about all his life. She is his rock, his constant companion, and the one woman who has never been out of his heart. But romantic love has never entered into the equation. That is all about to change when an out of the blue kiss leaves them longing for more.

And for the playboy of the group, Romeo has to pay for a new suit and make an obligatory apology to sports reporter Emerson Kent for knocking her down during the brouhaha on media day. But what started out as an obligation quickly turns into a pleasure when Romeo starts spending time with the intelligent reporter. He wants her, but she is not willing to risk falling in love with a player. However, a bet is about to stir up emotions, lust, and more as Romeo and Emerson face off and start to fall in love. He has never fallen so hard for a woman. She is sure he cannot be the man for her, but what they are both about to discover is that love can be an unexpected, but definitely enjoyable, grand slam out of the park.

CURVEBALL is the second in Kate Angell's romantic and satisfying Boys of Summer trilogy. Once again, Ms. Angell hits this story out of the park! The romance is pure gold with these three hunky heroes and the sassy and intelligent women who match them. While Psycho was this reviewer's personal favorite of the three men, each character stands up and has his own voice and fresh take on love. The Bat Pack may be on the bench for thirteen games, but they all have unique ways of wooing their ladies. Ms. Angell seamlessly works these three romances into one book. You are getting triple your romantic pleasure within these pages. Keely, Jen, and Emerson certainly lead these guys on a merry chase but it is not all fun and games, as love comes with some pain and heartache too.

CURVEBALL is pure reading enticement! The baseball lingo, the sexy men and determined women all add up for a praiseworthy read that definitely does not foul up.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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