Cut to the Chase
By Missy Andrews
Feb 3, 2004 - 4:39:00 PM

Abra Holloway can’t believe that she had to “gain ten pounds, dye her hair, buy cheap clothes and lose her makeup” before she is able to find the man of her dreams.  Sean Calhoun is definitely the man of her dreams.  Not only is he gorgeous and makes her hot and bothered, but he is also honest and makes her feel safe and protected.  She desperately needs to feel that she is safe because she has half of the country looking for her.  She is not hiding from the police or from someone who is trying to kill her, but from her fans.  She doles out advice on a weekly basis from a nationally syndicated television show and her viewing public thinks that she, and her life, is perfect.  If they knew what a mess her life had suddenly become her reputation would be shot, a risk that she is not willing to take. 

When Sean Calhoun very reluctantly agrees to track down the woman that his mother claims is having an affair with his father, he has no idea that he will actually find the woman that half of America is searching for.  He immediately knows that the woman he is watching is trying to hide from something or someone, but refuses to believe that she is having an affair with his father.  The longer he watches her, the surer he becomes of that fact and the more intrigued he becomes with the woman herself.  The day he discovers the secret that she is hiding he feels like he has been sucker punched.  It’s also the day that he decides she needs a protector and he is volunteering for the job.


Abra and Sean are a very combustible combination.  She has run away out-of-control hormones and he has his “True Blue Calhoun” reputation to protect.  She respects his reputation and his word that he would not act on the sizzling attraction between the two of them, but when the hormones stage a revolt, his reputation doesn’t stand a chance.  In the second book of the “True Blue Calhoun” trilogy, Julie Kistler weaves a magical tale that will make you chuckle, sigh and believe in happily ever after. 

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