Cutter's Law

Author: Judith Rochelle

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Release Date: September 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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Police Chief Morgan Cutter is cynical when it comes to women.   A failed marriage has done a good job of souring him on females, in fact he hates them.   His disdain for anything in regards to “the city” is legendary, until a sassy Allison Moore comes to White Tail.   Her friend is involved with Morgan’s brother.   Allison makes Morgan do and feel things he never thought to feel and it is downright scary to the cynical lawman; he had his heart broken once and doesn’t want to risk it again.  

When Morgan takes Allie back to San Antonio it turns into disaster for them, it being the big city and all.   By this time Ally has fallen for the lawman so quits her job and moves to White Tail, only to be confronted with Morgan’s ex-wife who has brought trouble to his door.   Will she ever change the man’s mind about her city ways, or is the couple doomed forever?


CUTTER’S LAW is a fast paced and spicy romance with a hero many women would love to call their own.   Morgan is a wounded soul who is well deserving of the woman who invades his peaceful existence.   Allie is no push-over; she is a smart and funny woman who knows what she wants and sets out to get it.   The fireworks are explosive whether they are making love or quarreling; the many conflicts in attitudes and lifestyles put Morgan and Allie at odds on the road to happily ever after, with some sexy interludes along the way.   With the plot twists and turns and the brilliantly described small town of White Tail, Judith Rochelle has captured rural Americana to a tee.   For an entertaining way to pass an afternoon, CUTTER’S LAW by Judith Rochelle is a good choice.  


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Scarlet

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