Cutting Loose
By Belle Rouge
Apr 6, 2006 - 4:44:00 PM

Dr. Miranda Harper, a zoologist, doesn't date jocks. She has never even been tempted to break her self-imposed rule until she meets Gary Staunton, her sister's boss and an ex-pro football player. That puts him off limits in Mira's book, no matter how attracted she is to him or how hard her sister, Dani tries to throw them together. But now Mira needs Dani's aid to keep her favorite chimp, Sara, from being sold and Dani's help has strings attached. Is Mira willing to give up on her rules to get Dani's support?

Gary Staunton's biggest client wants a sexy voice for their new ad campaign and Gary thinks he may have found that voice in the prank calls he has been receiving, if he could just get that woman to meet him. He does have a backup candidate in his assistant Dani's sister Mira. The only problem is that he needs to concentrate 100% on business and when Mira is around, the only business Gary's thinking about is monkey business. When Mira offers him a deal that involves her delectable body, will he be able to resist taking her up on it?


CUTTING LOOSE is a warmhearted romance that you will enjoy from beginning to end. Lise Fuller has drawn upon her main characters insecurities and disappointments in life to weave a tale that will touch your heart and make you laugh. Ms Fuller shows a rare talent for writing a story that readers will easily relate to. I could see this tale playing out in front of my eyes like a movie. As the tension built between Mira and Gary, my reading picked up pace and I devoured this book.


Mira is much more comfortable dealing with her chimps than with men. A bad experience in high school has colored her perception of all men and jocks in particular. When she finally begins to discover herself and find confidence in her own sexuality, she turns into a character that you can't help but admire. Gary isn't the least bit intimated by Mira's brains or her independent nature, he thinks she is an amazing woman. He is determined to help her see herself as he sees her. This is complicated by the fact that Gary's own self-image is damaged and he considers himself to be less than a whole man. The secondary characters are central to the plot and one of them almost steals the show.


I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys contemporary romances with a dash of comedy thrown in. So, take a walk on the wild side and grab CUTTING LOOSE.

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