Cutting Loose
By Sarah W
Aug 1, 2008 - 12:16:42 PM

Jane Kaplinski and her two best friends, Ava and Poppy, have just inherited the famous Wolcott mansion. It is a house that holds wonderful memories for Jane as she spent many days with its owner, Agnes Wolcott. Jane also has a chance to catalog and create an exciting exhibit for the Seattle Metropolitan Museum. It is the chance of a lifetime and could make or break her career. Too bad the contractor restoring the mansion seems to be a total waste of space. The first time Jane meets Devlin Kavanagh, he is three sheets to the wind due to jet lag and some drinks with his family. Not the best first impression.

Devlin does not understand why Jane is so uptight. Sure, he had some fun with his family at a bar, but that does not mean he loses his head to drink every night of the week. He is a darn good contractor and will make sure the Wolcott mansion is restored to its former glory. In the meantime, he is having a very hard time keeping his hands off Jane. Her surly attitude towards him only makes him lust after her more. And when they finally start to peel off the protective layers and get to know each other that is when powerful emotions come to play. Unfortunately, while Jane and Dev are busy circling around each other, a thief is about to abscond with treasures from the mansion. Can they stop him before the exhibit, Jane’s career, and their burgeoning love, all go down the toilet?


Dev and Jane definitely strike sparks off each other. They have very different personalities in this opposites attracts love story. Dev has come home to help his family for awhile but has definite plans to return to Europe and the yachts he sails professionally. It is a much more carefree lifestyle than Jane is used to. Nonetheless, they manage to share some nice moments as the story progresses. Even as they are getting to know each other, they never quite lose that initial spark which makes for interesting banter and hot love scenes. The secondary cast of characters adds their own splash to the story. I cannot wait to meet Ava and Poppy’s potential love interests. Dev and Jane have an intriguing interplay that is filled with passion and desire. CUTTING LOOSE is definitely a classic Susan Andersen story!

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