Into the Fire (First Responders #3)
By Jo
Sep 11, 2013 - 11:05:50 PM

INTO THE FIRE - book 3 in the FIRST RESPONDERS series - is a contemporary romance that packed a lot into just over one hundred pages just like the other books in the series.  Ally's fears are real and hard for her to overcome but with Chris by her side once again will she have the strength to fulfill all her dreams?

Alward's INTO THE FIRE reunites us with characters from the other books in the series but this is Ally and Chris' story.  Ally is always so vulnerable - whether it's her desire to rebuild the shelter, find a career path where she can earn money and move out of her parent's home, show her true feelings for Chris or overcome her fear of him being a volunteer firefighter - and thinks she has to go it alone.  She feels her parents aren't proud of her for many reasons.  When she and Chris reconnect she sabotages it at every turn.  Throughout it all the love that they have for each other without wanting to admit it shines through.  There was family, friends, lots of animals, career choices, laughter, sadness, sorrow, romance and love.  The epilogue was the icing on the cake and brought closure.

I have now read all four books in the series.  While they were all about one hundred pages they easily could have been made into several longer novels.  I would love for the series to continue to see how all the happily ever afters played out but don't think that's in the author's plans.

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