Off the Clock (First Responders, Book 1)

Author: Donna Alward

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: October 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Paramedic Gabe Brennan takes his job very seriously.  His own life was drastically altered the night he almost couldn’t save his best friend, Brandon.  He lost his scholarship, Brandon’s friendship, and his own feeling of self-worth, but years have gone by and he’s proud of what he’s become – even if he still doesn’t believe he should be considered a ‘hero.’ 

It’s Friday night and Gabe is taking the long way home when he witnesses a car accident which sent one car into a ditch while the other one sped off.  It isn’t until Gabe gets out to check the status of the wrecked car’s driver that he discovers that it’s none other than Brandon’s sister Carly, who’s very pregnant, injured and scared.  Seeing her again brings back memories of her as a girl – and a deep recollection of the feelings he still harbors for her.


Carly Douglas is in a precarious position.  Her marriage crumbled when she became pregnant so she’s trying to do everything on her own with a little help from her mother.  The accident just complicates everything – including bringing on labor earlier than anticipated.  The only upside to her situation is Gabe’s presence.  He helps her stay calm and reassures her that everything will be fine – Carly’s not so sure but she’s willing to put her trust in him.  Unfortunately Gabe still harbors a lot of regret regarding what happened with Brandon and won’t let himself embrace the possibility of a happily-ever-after with Carly.  He doesn’t believe he deserves it – but Carly knows better.


Donna Alward’s OFF THE CLOCK is a very sweet emotionally driven story that brings a smile to the reader’s face even as your heart breaks for Gabe’s lost dreams.  Carly and Gabe make a wonderful couple who really should have been together all along but her brother’s near death experience changed everything for them both.  I absolutely love how Gabe attempts to distance himself from Carly but still can’t resist doing little things to make her life easier and have to admire her for setting the record straight about what happened that fateful night with Brandon.  Ms. Alward’s writing is always fun, imaginative and gives some thoughtful insight into human nature while still satisfying that ingrained need for a super-hot romance and with OFF THE CLOCK she certainly delivered on my expectations.


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By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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