Breaking Leather: Lone Star Lovers, Bk 4
By pamelalynne
Feb 1, 2011 - 3:12:57 PM

Years ago, Chrissi confessed a secret to a friend. She never dreamed her fantasy would be brought to life. Afterward, Chrissi was left with too many conflicting emotions and she chose the easy way out by running away from her problems. She has tried to move on, but deep down she knows she can never achieve what she found with the Kinzie brothers, Ezra, Cade and Josh. When Chrissi's car breaks down, she is not in the least surprised to find one of them coming to her rescue.

Ezra whisks her off to his house, telling her he can get her help. What Chrissi does not know is that everything that has just happened to her is all a setup. Ezra, Cade and Josh have come up with a game plan to get Chrissi to their ranch house. When she gets there, they begin their assault on her senses. They want her to be their woman and they are not going to let her rest until she makes a decision. Can Chrissi come to terms with loving Ezra, Cade and Josh? Or will she walk away as soon as the weekend comes to an end?

Once you have read one book in Delilah Devlin's LONE STAR LOVERS series, you will absolutely crave the next. None of them will disappoint. I recommend reading them starting with UNBRIDLED, UNFORGIVEN, FOUR SWORN and last, but certainly not least, BREAKING LEATHER. Each book adds its own personal touch to the series. Ms. Devlin provides it all in this series: characters that are raw and realistic, romance that will singe your eyelashes, and a plot that keeps on giving. She takes western romance to a whole new level.

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