Four Sworn: Lone Star Lovers, Bk 3
By pamelalynne
Feb 1, 2011 - 8:28:15 PM

Being brought up as the town tramp's daughter has made Shanna a very insecure woman. She is afraid to express her true desires to her longtime boyfriend, Bo, for fear of being labeled trash like her mother. Shanna has grown tired of feeling this way and is ready to let loose her inhibitions. After all, it could not be a better time since she plans on moving soon. In a moment of passion, she tells Bo what she has always wanted to experience. She never expects him to be so quick to oblige her.

Before Bo will allow Shanna to walk out of his life, he wants her to know his true feelings for her. He has been in love with her since they were kids, but has not wanted to scare her off by admitting it. When Shanna confesses her secret fantasy to Bo, he sees it as an opportunity to change her mind about leaving. With the help of a few buddies, Bo plans on proving to her just how bad she needs him in her life. Will Shanna get scared and run? Or will she finally get past her fears and take the next step in their relationship?

FOUR SWORN is a smoldering sensual read that left me hungering for more. It is the third novel in the LONE STAR LOVERS series, which is my new favorite series by Delilah Devlin. There is nothing I enjoy more than a good romance about sexy cowboys and not only do we get one, we get four. I was truly fascinated by the steamy scenes between Shanna and her men. I cannot wait to read the next novel, BREAKING LEATHER. It is about the Kinzie brothers and they are one mouth-watering bunch of men. Keep writing those scorchers, Ms. Devlin.

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