Second Chances
By Courtney Marie
Jan 15, 2013 - 11:57:30 AM

Happily married, Sabrina and Renaldo have the life everyone wishes they could have; money, success and love. They couldn’t ask for more except that a secret threatens to ruin everything the two worked so hard to gain.

Sabrina is afraid to lose her husband and the life she’s worked so hard to build that when she fell victim to blackmail, she hid it from Renaldo. One night with one man that she couldn’t remember proved to be a problem that wouldn’t go away when he kept incriminating evidence and used it to get money out of her.

When Renaldo discovers the evidence in Sabrina’s desk before she has a chance to rid of it, he assumes it was a keepsake from an affair that she had been hiding and threw her out. Sabrina tries to plead with him to understand, but it is no use, so Sabrina begins to stay with her cousin Jewel. The secret being out now, there is no reason to worry about the blackmailer any longer, right?

It isn’t until a project at work is in jeopardy that Renaldo contacts Sabrina to strike a deal with her. He needs her to appear as though nothing has changed between the two of them because of the amount of money that is at stake.  If anyone were to discover the two aren’t as perfect as they need to appear to be, a lot of business would be at stake. It doesn’t help matters that the photos are still out there.

Meto is ready to expose their secret and ruin everything if he doesn’t get the money he is demanding, but Sabrina is being watched on Renaldo’s orders and she realizes her mistake too late. Renaldo finds the two in the midst of the deal and his trust in her falls even further than it had originally. Even worse is that Sabrina’s cousin has a secret of her own. With all the secrets, can the lives on the line pull through the darkness?

Delaney Diamond brings a new light to the way love is created and what it can withstand when put to the test. The story line is fast paced and you’re always left wondering how Sabrina and Renaldo will handle their passion and desire towards each other. Along with that desire is anger laced with the lingering question; does she deserve a second chance?  By the close Delaney is sure to address the true meaning of SECOND CHANCES.


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