True Heart – A Red Hot Winter Story

Author: Delilah Devlin

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: January 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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True Wyatt is a man who prides himself on control and stays very busy with his ranch so the last thing he needs is a tenderfoot woman wintering in their hunting cabin.  Since his divorce he’s become a recluse and rarely leaves his ranch so he’s not amused that his brother Lonny thought it would be okay to allow this writer the use of the cabin – especially since he’s busy caring for the herd and doesn’t have time to babysit a woman who has no business isolating herself away so she can write a book.

Lonny isn’t stupid.  He fully understands True’s reluctance to get involved with another woman and the safety he feels in routine, however, Lonny also realizes that True is doing himself a great disservice by working all the time and not taking any time to enjoy life.  Once winter’s over Lonny fully intends to leave for the rodeo and he’s more than a little concerned that True won’t let go of the past and find love again.  Of course, if Honey is willing to thank him for letting her use the cabin by inviting him into her bed he wouldn’t be opposed…


Erotica writer Honey Cahill (a.k.a. H.A. Cahill) has a deadline looming and is extremely grateful to Lonny for the offer of the hunting cabin.  While her main focus is on writing her book, she can’t help but admit to an attraction to both the Wyatt brothers.  Lonny’s lighthearted and playfully sensual nature is in direct contrast to True’s dark brooding personality and the combination is detrimental to her senses.  Honey had an idea for her book before coming to the ranch but now she’s thinking a ménage might be more appropriate – after all, she can’t stop thinking about what it would be like to be with Lonny and True.


True fights it but there’s no denying his body’s reaction to Honey’s presence on the ranch.  It doesn’t help matters any that Loony keeps teasing him about the sort of books Honey writes and his own sexual interest in the pint size vixen.  He finally caves in and invites her for dinner at his home but the evening doesn’t go exactly as planned.  True’s lack of communication skills puts a damper on their sexual activities and eventually result in her retreating to her own cabin alone and despondent.    She would have remained there too if it wasn’t for her own careless actions that set the place on fire and forced her back into True and Lonny’s place thus setting for all sorts of naughty adventures – all in the name of research of course.  Her only worry is if engaging in a ménage will ruin any chance she might have with True.


Delilah Devlin has become a cornerstone of my reading library.  Her stories are intense, hot, full of emotion and just fun to read.  TRUE HEART had me smiling practically from the first page when True’s irritation over the whole situation is so obvious.  On the other hand Lonny gets such a kick out of seeing his brother riled that you can’t help but chuckle.  For the most part, Honey is exactly what she seems – an erotica romance writer looking for some solitude but there’s more to her story than that as readers will quickly discover.  The characters have an unexpected depth to them that really brings them to life for the reader and keeps you hoping everything turns out right for all of them in the end. 


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By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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