Unbridled: Lone Star Lovers, Bk 1
By pamelalynne
Feb 1, 2011 - 8:33:46 PM

Dani arrives back in Two Mule, Texas with a purpose, to tell Rowe, her lover and best friend, she is ready for a more serious relationship. While searching for Rowe, she gets the shock of her life. Rowe is waiting for another lover at their secret place. Dani becomes upset and in her rush to escape, she stumbles into the only other man she has ever given herself to, Justin. But wait, what is he doing here? Does he know something about Rowe that she does not?

Justin and Rowe have had feelings for each other for a while and finally acting on them was the best thing that ever happened to either of them. Now that Dani is back, a big change is about to occur. Rowe and Justin both care about her and neither are willing to let her go. Dani wants to be with Rowe and Justin. Rowe wants to be with Dani and Justin, but no one is sure what Justin wants. Can Dani and Rowe convince Justin that in order to be happy, he needs both of them in his life?

UNBRIDLED, the first novel in the LONE STAR LOVERS series is a keeper. This is a true example of Delilah Devlin's writing skills at their best. Not only do we get to read about two hot men, but they are cowboys as well. Dani does what any girl would do in her situation, when it comes to choosing between Rowe and Justin, she chooses both of them. I am usually not a fan of M/M action, but Ms. Devlin puts a new spin on it even I can enjoy. Rowe and Justin have such deep-rooted feelings for one another, but refuse to let them surface. Add to that equation their love for Dani and things seem even more complex. All three know what they want and they are not afraid to be up front about it. I really like that aspect of the story. For me, that is the only way a unique relationship like theirs could ever work. I really enjoyed UNBRIDLED and look forward to reading the next one in the LONE STAR series, UNFORGIVEN.

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