Coming Home
By Sherri Myers
Feb 29, 2004 - 7:15:00 PM

Jessica Lehman was only twelve when her mother passed away and her dad committed suicide, when he couldn't handle the pain of her death. Jessie had always blamed her grandmother for taking her mother away by having her committed to a mental institution. After running away several times from her grandmother's home, she was put into foster care and eventually released as an adult. Jessie went on to college and now, after graduating, is on her way to a summer internship in Oklahoma. Feeling the pull of her past, as she nears Colorado, she decides to make a quick detour and stop by her hometown to visit an old friend. The memories begin to flood back and she soon finds herself dealing with past secrets; ones she'd have to deal with before being able to move on with her future.

Andy McCormick was the "boy-next door" during Jessie's childhood and she spent every minute she could with him. They were the best of friends until Jessie's mother passed on and she ran away. Andy hadn't seen her in over twelve years, but he's been unable to forget her, and occasionally wondered what had become of his friend. When a mutual friend of theirs contacted him and said Jessie was in town, Andy knew he had to see her for old time's sake. When they meet again, it's as if they'd never been apart. Can Jessie finally have the love she so desperately wants and needs with Andy? Can they face the secrets from Jessie's past and have a future together, or will the secrets tear them apart? 

COMING HOME is a story of a woman with a secret past even she doesn't fully understand. As the secrets begin to see the light of day, she must either run away from them, or face them head-on and finally put the past behind her. As Jessie learns the full details of what truly happened in her childhood, she has to learn to forgive, so that she can experience the love of those around her. This is a story of hope and forgiveness, and also one in which Jessie must search her heart to find what she truly believes in. She and Andy learn that faith in God can see them through, even the most trying of times in their lives. David Lewis has written a highly emotional book with COMING HOME, and one I highly recommend to anyone looking for a Christian romance that will show how God's love can shine into even the darkest places.

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